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Tetsuya Yamada

Opening: , 7:00-10:00 pm

Many Waters: A Minnesota Biennial

Anthropocene Collective, David Andree, Alyssa Baguss, Moira Bateman, Barbara Bend, Casey Bennett, Vernal Bogren Swift, Kelsey Bosch, Clifford Morgan, Melissa Cooke Benson, Zamara Cuyun, Emily Donovan, Aaron Dysart, Gregory Euclide, Regina Flanagan, Billy Flynn, Linda Gammell, Tia-Simone Gardner, Ruthann Godollei, Karen Goulet, Ian Hanseworth, Annie Hejny, Joan Bemel Iron Moccasin, Ethan Jones, Curt Lund, Presley Martin, Charles Matson Lume, James Meyer, Ben Moren, Sarah Nassif, Lisa Nebenzahl, Kimber Olsen, Kristin Maija Peterson, Sonja Peterson, Niki Pico, Alison Price, Lindsay Rhyner, Jessica Shimek, Sandra Spieler, Holly Newton Swift, Keith Taylor, Moira Villiard, Megan Vossler, Josh Winkler

Opening: , 5:00-8:00 pm

Opening at NewStudio Gallery.
Presented in partnership with NewStudio Gallery in St. Paul, Many Waters on view in M’s windows along Robert and 4th St, skyway Ecolab Entrance, and NewStudio Gallery.


1237 4th St NE, Mpls.

W-Sa 12-5pm

Hold Your Hand Out In The Dark

Lee Noble

Opening: , 5:00-8:00 pm

Masks required. See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

The Shape of Things; In-Between Moments

See web site

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm

24/7 Interior; Body Language

Louise Fisher; Grace Sippy

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm

Artists talk @ 7pm day of opening.

Just Yesterday

Mike Gaines, Maggie Williams

Opens: , 12:00 pm

Public art installation on outside of museum.

Glitch is the Soul in the Machine

Corrina Espinosa, Eugenio Tisselli, Karen Krolak, Marc Manke, GOODW.Y.N. (Nicole Goodwin), Maria Anholzer, Daito Manabe, Melissa Huang, Patrick Lichty, Paul Echeverria, Rebecca Finley, Ryan D. Lewis, Will Luers, Autumn Brown, Caitlin & Misha, Kathleen Hawkes, Kim Blevins, Matt Roberts, Rachel Green, Sue Huang, Susan Hopp, Yeohyun Ahn, Alessandro Amaducci, Andre Perim, APOTROPIA, Cecilia Suhr, Cher Cornett, Frederick Maheux, Jerry Galle, Jon Cates and Evan Meaney, Karin Denson, Kristen Lillvis,m Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig, Mez Breeze, Richard Hoagland, Sabato Visconti, Teresa Ueunten

Opening: , 5:30-7:30 pm

Exhibition takes place on the 3rd fl. of MCAD main bldg.
Masks are required.


1237 4th St NE, Mpls.

W-Sa 12-5pm

Hold Your Hand Out In The Dark

Lee Noble, Will Fraser

Music performance: , 8:30 pm

Proof of vaccination and masks required. See gallery web site for COVID precautions and to RSVP.

Night Club

4025 3rd Ave S, Mpls.

Su 1-5pm & by appt.


Henry Crissman, Nancy Julia Hicks, Shaun Johnson, Eunice Luk, Virginia Rose Torrence

Opens: , pm

New Prints 2021

Nicole Soley

Opens: , 10:00 am

Threshold Gallery


1224 Quincy St NE, Mpls.

M-F 8-5pm


Kayla Anderson, Sara Black, Jeremy Bolen, Nick Brown, Jennifer Colton, Adam Crosson, Annie-Laurie Erickson, Beate Geissler, Amber Ginsburg, Ryan Griffis, Derek Hoeferlin, Brian Holmes, Sarah Kanouse, Jenny Kendler, John Kim, Brian Kirkbride, Emily Knudson, Sarah Lewison, Margarida Mendes, Marlena Novak, Steve Rowell, Oliver Sann, Michael Swierz, Joe Underhill, Monique Verdin, Joslyn Willauer, Paul Wu, Andy Yang, Jay Alan Yim

Opening: , 7:00-10:00 pm

Click here for gallery hours and information.

Laboratory; Inside, Out

Areca Roe; Grand McFarland, Anna Van Voorhis

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm

Inside, Out begins 9/2.

Curating Change

Amy Sadao, Ginger Shulick Porcella

Artist talk via Zoom: , 6:00-7:30 pm

Click here to register.


Melissa Borman, Areca Roe

Opening: , 7:00-10:00 pm

Gallery 360

3011 W 50th St, Mpls.

M-Sa 10-5pm, Su 12-5pm

Wildwood; 5-Foot Shows

Kelli Hoppmann; Mark Granlund, Tim Armstrong

Opening: , 6:00-9:00 pm

Ballad of the Red Fox

Kristen Lowe

Artist talk: , 4:00-5:00 pm

Email gallery for Zoom link:

Humans in The Human Scale

HIJACK (Kristin Van Loon & Arwen Wilder) + J.H. Shuǐ Xiān

Dance performance in the gallery: , 2:00 pm

creature comforts

Alex Betzler, Stacey Combs, Hannah Foster, Lynda Mullan, Xee Reiter, Jes Reyes, Dylan Rogers, Suyao Tian, Soon-Wai Wong, Nate Woodard

Opening: , 3:00-6:00 pm

See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

Recent Paintings

Donna Bruni

Opens: , 11:00 am

La Movida/The Hustle

Maria Cristina "Tina" Tavera

Opening: , 5:00-10:00 pm

The New Day

Elana Schwartzman

Book launch/artist talk/printing demo: , 2:00-4:00 pm


Melissa Borman, Areca Roe

Book launch and artist talk: , 1:00-3:00 pm

Forgotten Beacons

Jayson Randall

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm

C4W:2021 – Elemental

Alondra M. Garza, Benja Wuest, Katie Robinson, Tchana Pierre

Artist talk: , 7:00 pm

$7, $5 pre-sale

yödoishëndahgwa’geh (a place for rest)

Rosy Simas

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm

Opening takes place outdoors.

Franconia Sculpture Park

29836 St. Croix Trail, Shafer, MN

4/15-11/14: Daily 9am-5pm;
11/15-4/14: F-Su 10am-4pm & by appt.

yödoishëndahgwa’geh (a place for rest)

Rosy Simas, Louis Alemayehu, Heid E. Erdrich, Sam Aros Mitchell

Closing reception/panel discussion: , 6:00-8:00 pm

Takes place outdoors.

Freedom Rising: I Am the Story

L’Merchie Frazier

Opens: , 10:00 am

See museum web site for COVID precautions.

COVID-19: Labor Camp Report

Piotr Szyhalski / Labor Camp

Opens: , 10:00 am

See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

A Tribute To Tribune

Tribune Showprint

Opening: , 4:00-8:00 pm

Closing 9/18, 2-7pm

Gallery 5004

5004 42nd Ave N, Robbinsdale

F 4-8pm, Sa 12-4pm & by appt.

Minnesota Masters

Dewey Albinson, John Anderson, Cameron Booth, Frederic Calhoun, Edwin Dawes, Adolf Dehn, Stan Fenelle, Alexis Fournier, Paul Granlund, Frances Greenman, Vold Gutmanis, John Haley, Alice Hugy, Janel Jacobson, Hugh Kappel, Arthur Kerrick, Don Koestner, Mac Le Sueur, Mike Lynch, Ernest Miller, August Molder, Katherine Nash, Edwin Nooleen, Wayne Potratz, Birney Quick, Walter Quirt, Glen Ranney, Carl Rawson, Jo Lutz Rollins, Jerry Rudquist, Axel Schar, Richard Sussman, Mike Tonder, Elof Wedin, Phyllis Wiener, Ada Wolfe, and more …

Opens: , 4:00-8:00 pm

The Center for Post-Capitalist History

Leah Sandler

Opens: , See web site

Window Installation


1800 W. Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington

M-F 8am-10pm, Sa 9-5pm, Su 1-10pm

She Presents; Towards Veracity

Yeonhee Cheong; Erin Paradis

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm


Juan Lucero

Virtual artist talk: , 12:00 pm

See museum web site for link to talk, or RSVP by calling (612) 870-6323.
See museum web site for list of artists.

TOA Presents

655 19th Ave NE, Mpls.

See gallery web site for hours.

Francois Ghebaly

Kelly Akashi, Farah Atassi, Neïl Beloufa, Channa Horwitz, Rindon Johnson, Christine Sun Kim, Candice Lin

Opening: , 4:00-7:00 pm

Closing reception 9/16, 5-8pm

Within, Between, and Beyond

Leslie Barlow, Lola Osunkoya, Keisha Williams

Virtual artist talk: , 5:30 pm

See museum web site for link to talk.

A Bridge Divides, A Bridge Transforms

Siah Armajani

Opens: , 10:00 am

See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

Franconia Sculpture Park

29836 St. Croix Trail, Shafer, MN

4/15-11/14: Daily 9am-5pm;
11/15-4/14: F-Su 10am-4pm & by appt.

Constant and Conscious

Margaret Jacobs

Opening: , 4:00-6:00 pm

See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

Picnic in the Apocalypse

Chris Cinque

Opening: , 12:00-6:00 pm

Reception date TBD.

Franconia Sculpture Park

29836 St. Croix Trail, Shafer, MN

4/15-11/14: Daily 9am-5pm;
11/15-4/14: F-Su 10am-4pm & by appt.

Franconia 5 Minute Film Fest

Ben Lundquist , Michael Lonchar & Kade Owens, Heidi Jean Arneson, David C.C. Erikson, Kelsey Bosch, Lukas Anderson, Kristine Diekman, Sophia Watkins, Torey Erin & Geoffrey Lamar Wilson, Alejandro Zhang, Xiaohan Liu, Derek G. Larson, Kevin Miller, Alex Cheng, Amabelle Johnson, Erin Peisert, Sarah Butler

Film screening: , 9:00 pm


Hot off the Press

Megan Anderson, Levi Atkinson, Kristin Bickal, Josh Bindewald, Lynnette Black, Lynn Bollman, James Boyd Brent, Meg Bussey, Ben Capp, Pamela Carberry, Beth Dorsey, Louise Fisher, Sally Gordon, Tyler Green, Nancy Johnson, Monique Thouin Kantor, Therese Krupp, Erin Leon, Jon Mahnke, Carl Nanoff, John Pearson, Sydney Petersen, Bethany Richards, Eileen Rieman-Schaut, Amy Sands, Kurt Seaberg, Cathy Spengler, Pamela Sullivan, Anda Tanaka, Clara Ueland

Opening: , 5:00-9:00 pm

I Was Born With a Silver Spoon in Your Mouth; Intervals

Candice Davis; Megan Vossler

Opening: , 6:00-9:00 pm

Structure + Connection

Jodi Reeb, Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Opening: , 7:00-9:00 pm

See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

Color Pop!

Nicolas Africano, Cass Bird, Matthew Brandt, Gail Albert Halaban, Erik Madigan Heck, James Kielkopf, Vera Lutter, Ruben Nusz, Alec Soth, Andrea Ventura

Opens: , 12:00 pm

Contact gallery for ending date. See gallery web site for COVID precautions.

Then & Now; Summer Group Show

Larry Welo; Groveland Gallery Artists

Opens: , 12:00 pm

The Streets; The Artist Intervenes

See gallery web site

Opening: , 6:00-8:00 pm

Unvessel; Listening to the Mississippi

Tia-Simone Gardner; Monica Moses Haller

Opens: , 12:00-4:30 pm

Takes place at Pickerel Lake, Lilydale Regional Park
Hours: 12-4:30pm, 8/28-29 & 9/4
Part of Many Waters: A Minnesota Biennial

A Painted Language

Ellen Richman

Opening: , 4:00-8:00 pm

MCAD MFA Fall Show 2021

Lauren Alfaro, Bo Young An, Cailey Birchem, Jordyn Brennan, Eric Butler, Lukas Carlson, Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Shilun Chen, Shoshana Fink, Raed Ghanja, Rio Gordon, Kara Gregory, Kate Gunther, Yeifei He, Kay Heino, Ivonne Jasso Yanez, Jesus Li, Joy (Yuanrong) Li, Tianxin Li, Anna Lyle, May Ling Kopecky, Lokho Kotile, Dan McAvey, MacKenzie Mitzuk, Yinyin Niu, Shelby Pendelton, Pi (Yimin) Pi, Amanda Rose, Clementine Sarteau, Alexis Schramel, Amanda Schroeder, Abe Shriner, Emmy Smith, Angela St. Vrain, Anda Tanaka, Genie Tran, Alison Yager, Yuan Zhuang

Opening: , 7:00-9:00 pm

Exhibition takes place along the perimeter of the Main Campus building. Screening @ 8pm.

Franconia Sculpture Park

29836 St. Croix Trail, Shafer, MN

4/15-11/14: Daily 9am-5pm;
11/15-4/14: F-Su 10am-4pm & by appt.

Assuming the Ecosexual Position: The Earth as Lover; The One Minute Series

Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, Jennie Klein; see web site

Book launch/film screening/Q&A: , 6:00-9:00 pm